Success Affirmations - Affirmations For Success

I use success affirmations to keep my mind focused, ready,
and open to opportunities.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

- Susan Jeffers
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When your mind is open and positive, it is more receptive to the opportunities that surround you. Ideas come easier and people react
to you more favorably.

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It takes deep confidence and a sincere belief in your own ability to
make success happen.

So use these affirmations to help turn your mind
toward success.

Success Affirmations - Affirmations For Success

I am destined to succeed.


The more I seek, the more I find.


I am the creator of my success.


success affirmations, courage
            Success affirmations


I won't stop until I reach the top.


I believe in myself and my abilities.


I find success in friends, family, and love.


I attract positive people into my life.


I am the master of my fate. - William Henley


I feel strong and in charge of my life.


I am a smart and creative person.


Success Affirmations - Affirmations For Success

success affirmations, good future
           Success affirmations


Yes, I WILL.


I am proud of all my accomplishments.


I am eager to take risks.


I have faith in me.


Nothing is going to stop me now.


I have the energy and desire to succeed.


I see opportunities everywhere.


Success Affirmations - Affirmations For Success

success affirmations
           Success affirmations



Affirmations aren't magical thinking. They are positive statements that focus your mind on your abilities and skills and give you confidence to succeed.


I'm a dreamer AND an achiever.


I feel powerful and completely alive.


I have great talent within me.


I believe in the power of my dreams.


I am focused on my goals and working to achieve them.


It's up to me if I want to succeed.


Success comes my way... each and every day.


Today I start becoming the person I always wanted to be.


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