Sexy Love Poems - Love Poems and Poetry

You can't have a website filled with poetry and quotes without having a page of sexy love poems. 

Love is the preoccupation of many poets throughout time and thus writing some passionate love poems will naturally follow.

Lady, i will touch you with my mind.
Touch you and touch and touch
until you give me
suddenly a smile...

- e.e. cummings

Romantic, erotic or playful, these love poems express the joys and agonies of passion and love.


Sexy Love Poems - Love Poems and Poetry

Enthralled is a short sexy poem that walks on the dark side of love.

Enthralled - Alfred Bryan

Teach me to sin -
Enslave me to your wanton charms,
Crush me in your velvet arms
And make me, make me love you.

Make me fire your blood with new desire,
And make me kiss you—lip and limb,
Till senses reel and pulses swim.
Aye! even if you hate me,
Teach me to sin.


From "Opal" - Amy Lowell

You are ice and fire
the touch of you
burns my hands like snow


Book Of Love - Blanche Shoemaker Wagstaff - Sexy Poems

To love you like the midnight storm!
To take you swooning unto death as the wind sweeps the waves
in tempest.
To transport you unto delirium!
To hear the wild beating of your veins; to feel flame shuddering your blood and to agonize you with my ardor.

To crush you as a flower upon my breast,
To bear you away to some secret valley where I would love you unto insensibility...

I see you coming toward me—
Silently you take me in your arms.
Our lips meet and our eyes close.
I feel the shuddering of your breast and the beating of your throat against mine.
We are enveloped in darkness.
We know nothing but the thunder of our veins
We are swept out into a sea of infinite oblivion.


Painted - D.P. Bishop

He painted words
upon my soul
with eyes that fell
along my body.


Wild Nights! - Emily Dickinson

Yes, even Emily Dickinson gets into the act. This is a passionate poem with a cheeky ending.

Wild nights! Wild nights!
Were I with thee,
Wild nights should be
Our luxury!

Futile the winds
To a heart in port,
Done with the compass,
Done with the chart.

Rowing in Eden!
Ah! the sea!
Might I but moor
Tonight in thee!


Sexy Love Poems - Love Poems and Poetry

sexy love poems, love poetry
                 Sexy Love Poems


Joy - Sara Teasdale

I am wild, I will sing to the trees,
I will sing to the stars in the sky,
I love, I am loved, he is mine,
Now at last I can die!

I am sandaled with wind and with flame,
I have heart-fire and singing to give,
I can tread on the grass or the stars,
Now at last I can live!



I Love You - Ella Wheeler Wilcox

One of the best hot love poems - intimate and poetic.

I love your lips when they're wet with wine
And red with a wild desire;
I love your eyes when the lovelight lies
Lit with a passionate fire.

I love your arms when the warm white flesh
Touches mine in a fond embrace;
I love your hair when the strands enmesh
Your kisses against my face.

So kiss me sweet with your warm wet mouth,
Still fragrant with ruby wine,
And say with a fervor born of the South
That your body and soul are mine.

Clasp me close in your warm young arms,
While the pale stars shine above,
And we'll live our whole young lives away
In the joys of a living love.


Love's Telepathy - Angela Morgan

Oh, you are near, my love, so near tonight
That, sitting in the dusk and silence here,
With miles between, I feel your spirit's might—
I know your heart's whole message to me, dear.

The dark is golden with you, music-filled;
My reaching thoughts have drawn you-you are mine!
So near you are, I feel your touch, love-thrilled,
The magic of you makes the moments wine.

Love—you are here! Your arms about me fold,
O! blinding rapture of this certainty—
O! storm of stars, O! universe of gold—
Wherein I love my love, and he loves me!


To Anthea - Robert Herrick - Sexy Love Poems

This poem and the one that follows it are very 'tongue-in-cheek.'

Give me a kiss, and to that kiss a score ;
Then to that twenty add a hundred more:
A thousand to that hundred : so kiss on,
To make that thousand up a million.

Treble that million, and when that is done
Let's kiss afresh, as when we first begun.
But yet, though love likes well such scenes as these,
There is an act that will more fully please:

Kissing and glancing, soothing, all make way
But to the acting of this private play:
Name it I would ; but, being blushing red,
The rest I'll speak when we meet both in bed.


A Full Edition - Joseph Lilientha

"May I print a kiss on your lips?" I said,
And she nodded her full permission;
So we went to press and I rather guess
We printed a full edition.


Beneath your caresses I am as one awakened unto life.

- Blanche Shoemaker Wagstaff


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