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This beautiful poem, "The Window To My Soul" was submitted by Minesh Khashu and made into a poster by me.


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by Nellie Wasilewski

a life without you
sleet patters across the deck
another sunless day


Cloak Of Stars
by Kendra Ballesteros

I have nothing
But this
Cloak of stars
Enveloping me
In mystic
Dreamy wonder
Of the


Welcome To My World
by Ramblingsbyme

I believe there is beauty in everything.
From the inside looking out.
From the outside looking in.
It doesn't really matter where you start.
It's what you see with your eyes and feel with your heart.
So look, feel, hope, dream.
To experience the passion you first must believe.


Under The Umbrella
by Nicole Taylor (website: writingunderstars)

Under the umbrella
Listening to the rain
Watching it pour
The letters
Of your name


Time Of Year
by JD DeHart

As I roll down
the road another time
I see the vestiges
of this season
forgetting who I was
season last.


I Get Blamed For Everything
by G David Schwartz

I get blamed for everything
I don't know how that can be
When she says I don't do anything
She says it constantly


let me be a king
by linda m. crate

i don't want to be a queen
let me be the king
because i can
guide my own ship
and it's sails against the wind
i was my own hero
slayed my own dragons and so
let me have a crown
without having it to share with another
because when i was in the darkest
depths of moon beams bitter
only i could save myself.


Time's Waves
by Arnab Kumar Roy

My words slowly dance upon time's waves
waiting to reach the seashore
for love is an endless mystery
yet to be discovered by the heart



by Lily Tierney

A breeze swept in
from the ocean
my thoughts
were of you.

Bare feet
waves touching
going back into
the vast ocean
of desire.


Poetry Publishing - Submissions

by Nicholas Gordon (website: poems for free)

The little ivy stretches towards the light.
It spills out sunward like a waterfall.
I turn it, turn it, shape it to my liking.


by Erny Herawaty

Waiting for
the falling star
to give back
all my wishes
becoming real


by Deborah Wong see her weblog

There will come a day, where
the world can live without an X-Ray.

Because every heart
has its paradise of syllabus

like we've known each other
long before we met.


by Gregg Dotoli

These chestnut brown seeds
being planted for cool shade
green leaves for the eyes
Of each new generation
Strong branches hold round nests
For the doves of our future


Nature Inspires Me
by Debbie Alvarez

Nature inspires me... the morning dew, the sun, the trees gently moving to morning breeze the scent of a flower... the loving gaze of my angel... I am grateful for this moment to share with you.


Let's Watch The Waves
by Mark Morgan

Do you suppose,
as the tern drifts upon a current's flow,
that he resents
the maple's power to make wind relent?
What of the tree?
While watching wings slash through clouds, does she
turn red with rage?
Do her roots beat hard at their earthen cage?

Let's watch the waves
sojourn to the shore. A barter is made:
seaweed for stones.
The water ignores the pier's creaks and moans--
Perhaps our answers streak the sunset sky
where colors dance to songbirds' choral cries.


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Poetry Publishers - Poetry Submissions - Publications

Due to the overwhelming response to this page we have started a new page of poetry submissions. Some poems may have been moved to this page.

Sitting Here
by Austin Morel

Sitting here on a
Friday night.
No beer, one cigarette.
Just sitting here, awaiting
the Second Coming
with a Pall Mall
I bummed off an
old man with dull
eyes. He was
sitting on hard steel
without a helmet
at a construction site.
He was the only one
who wasn't Mexican
and I think he took
a certain pride in that.
And I think he was
ready to die then,
just sitting there,
just glowing out
what was left of him.
And when I asked him
for a smoke
he gave a smooth motion
with his hand that I took
to mean "come closer."
I did, and his eyes lit up
real bright, but only for a
The waves crashed again,
presidents died, a bad wife,
a second wife, no wife.
And it was gone, and he sat
back down and smoked
without looking at me.


Free Falling
by EJ Mason

I'm free falling and no one can tell
The darkness is starting to cover my brow
My smile is fading to a pretending state
I want it to stop before its too late.

I'm free falling from my stable platform
It's wobbly and shaking, trembling again
The stutter is sitting just beneath my breath
Please catch me before I get to that depth

I'm free falling on this path of unknown
A journey so slow, yet so fast I can't blink
So much to do to say and to be
I want a chance just to be me.

I'm free falling from the place I know well
It's not the apex or top of the cliff
Hanging on by the weakest of thread
It's only the strong who dare to tread.

I'm free falling in a space of my own
Out of my control yet within my reach
Grabbing onto the sides with the power of pride
My choices clasp as my hands feel tied.

I'm free falling at this rapid pace
Wondering, wanting whats next for me
No safety net in sight nor handle to hold
I'm waiting now for what's to unfold.

I'm free falling because I've been pushed
To make the decisions others choose to ignore
I'm shouting n screaming yet no one can hear
I'm doing it now to get hold of my fear.

I"m Free falling too fast to stop
Is anyone watching caring to see
a turbulent bump a jagged brave face
Please Send me an angel with wings to embrace.


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