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This is our second page of poetry submissions by new
and aspiring poets.

Our original poetry publishing page was such a success
we had to start another.

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Poetry Submissions:

Note: We are no longer accepting new poetry submission. Please enjoy reading the poems below.


Poetry Submissions - Submit Your Poems

The Butterfly In Me
by S.M.

poetry submissions, submit poems


by Jordan Tyler Quinn

Her face...
       A mirror of the night sky
Hey eyes...
       Like soft glowing diamonds of light
Her heart...
       So warm, so gentle, so sweet and kind
Her mind...
       Such a near reflection to that of my own
Her soul...
       The most perfect beauty I have ever known
Her love...
       I refuse to live without, I would rather die alone


When We Kiss
by Marvel Chukwudi Pephel

When we kiss
My heart awakes
Like a dormant seed
At the advent of the rain.
When our mouths part
My heart becomes pale
Like a sulphur-starved plant.


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Which One
by Luis Estable

The sky does show a beauty
Next to my lady`s eyes.
My thoughts do have a fury
Which is more beautiful.

My heart does say my Lady
Is winner of this race.
The sky is not that pretty
My heart agrees with that.


Tree Of Life
by Amye Nicole Sutryk

The oak is barren,
The acorn buried,
Far below
The clotted soil,
Slumbering still
Until the hour,
Of rebirth,
When The Gardener's hand
Once again
Begins its gentle toil.


The Temple of Eternal Wisdom
by Jay Frankston wlp@mcn.org

In the Temple of Eternal Wisdom
there is a stillness
that is not disturbed by thought.
The sky is its roof
and the stained glass windows
are made of flowers.
Ancient words are stacked up on the altar
and the sweet smell of life,
birth and death permeates.
It fills the soul of the stranger
who wanders in from the world
of crisis after crisis
with no relief.
There, in the Temple,
where angels line the walls
he finds peace and contentment realigning his psyche
to go out again,
mix with his brethren,
and look for the love
that hides under every rock.


Blank Verse
by John R. Humphries

Blank verse is my favorite form, you see
Because it always suits me to a tee,
And though it may be devoid of some rhyme,
I'll take blank verse any old time.  (oops)


Parasite Time
by Allen Johnson, Jr.

When is a tick not a tick?
When it's partnered by a tock
From a clock.

If not arachnid, it remains
A small parasite,
Sucking away our lives
Second by second . . .


Holy Man In Sneakers
by Chris Rozik

A holy man in sneakers
High priest of human
Walks off a subway
In the same feet as the rest of us.

The garments that flow of his back,
Hold very little ground in a bodega.
They do not shine like the altar.
He does not kneel and kiss the floor.

When he slips into his tiny apartment,
alone for Christ,
he is plain and small,
as he takes his sneakers off.

He feels the floor in the same way he would imagine Jesus feeling water.
Smoothly slidding into air
Feeling if there's is any Holy Ghost waiting out there.

He feels the water carry him to it's edge
as he lifts a windowpane,
and crawls his feet to the cliff,
waiting for salvation.

The temptation to meet his maker must be so great from up there.
He must want to be one with the water.
One with this big ball of energy.
He must want to meet Him.
He must miss Her.

A holy man hanging from a ledge,
high priest of humility,
will not admit God can't save him right now,
so who will?


by Zach Johnson

We ended before we started.
We were hand in hand and spoke like lovers.
We made others wonder "will I ever find that?
We woke up the morning after and it felt like all we had was time together.
We were a force to be reckoned with, but you were never actually mine.
See, relationships weren't your thing, commitment was scary
so you wanted a fling.
You've been hurt before, but I promise you I'm different
We'll last.
We never established it and I couldn't handle it.
So now there's no we, there's I.
I love you.
I look back and find myself saying "I would have done this differently."
I could've done more.
I should've just let it go.
I know it wasn't me, but I wish you could've seen.
There was a bigger picture for us, at least for me.
Would've, could've, should've won't bring you back though.
We ended before we started.


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A Touch
by Clyde L. Borg

Only a touch, a mere brush,
So much to wake my heart for you.
And if that touch should ever be,
Then I will be ever yours.


Barstool Aphrodite
by Andrew Bowen

reclines against the wall
just like a stretching cat.
ice-cream swirl hair and clinging jeans,
she leans to kiss the lucky bum
and I'm glad you look at me
from honest eyes.


by May Fenn

Poppies great beauty
Brave men dying for duty
Each nourish the earth.


Our Legacy
by Douglas Young

As my leaves begin to brown,
I want ever more to plant my tree,
Big, bold, tall, and sound,
Inspiring others and outlasting me.

Wandering graveyards and reading dates,
Lives are reduced to names and mates,
Noting whose plots are well kept
And whose are now decrepit.

How soon dear ones who've died at work
Are fast forgotten, no matter the hurt,
As carefully crafted castles along the shore
Are soon leveled by waves with nary a roar.

We're brief "Here's" in the roll call of time,
Small cameos in a film that won't rewind,
For even a Victorian home bulldozed for an office,
In a few years is all but forgotten.

So how best to lay down a legacy,
Deep-rooted in spite of me,
A homerun record that won't be broken,
A souvenir to keep, not some token?

For even Ozymandias got overtaken by time,
Since statues become challenges for children to climb.
As sidewalk chalk marks get erased by rain,
So last year's bird's nest is never used again.

Yet values last as timeless truths,
And a kindness delivered can't be diluted.
All the good we do
Can inspire others, too.

Good (and bad) deeds
Plant many strong seeds
As we provide much of the toil
That helps till the youths' soil.

If we want our values remembered
Long after our lives are surrendered,
We should grab every chance to help others,
Spreading the gospel that we're all brothers.

True teachers are preachers of ideas,
Not selfishly promoting themselves,
But inspiring students to be pioneers,
Not conformist little elves.

As promoters of principles and dreams,
We can impact way more than it seems.
So work hard and celebrate what's profound
To leave a legacy that's good and sound.


New York Spell
by Gregg Dotoli

like that forgotten song
that's reheard, sweeter and richer sounding
when leaving NY, the spell goes too
as Manhattan patient and regal rests
like a lady-in-waiting
on return, the awe and freedom falls
on the spirit
the breezy island whispers stay
this is the only place to be
this is the only place to be
this is the only place to be



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