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New Poetry Submissions

Now for some short poetry submissions with
motivational or inspirational themes.

These are poems by new poets visiting our website. Thank you
to all who have participated!

Please note: we are no longer accepting new submissions.

New Poetry Submission

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All On
by Russ Cope

It's all on the shoulders
of the ancient god, dragging
us toward our destiny.
It's all on the backs of those
that came before us and taught
us how to be in this world.
So now the globe is ours and
what we do with it depends
on how they have strengthened
our hands and how firm they
have made our grip.


That Rain
by Gregg Dotoli

crushing rain woke me
hours after midnight
each drop a flat note
pinged off this leaf or that stone
earth's white noise
caused a natural claustrophobia
shrinking my mind space
inducing fear
knowing I can't escape
until it wanes


I Wouldn't Be There
by Beau Williams

You crawl into my phone
when yours has been exhausted
by boys with dumb mouths.
Run your fingers along the backside
of the screen--
too soft a touch;
A sound muffled by my pocket--
your forehead rests against
the glass
as I slip
into another bottle.

If I understood
why you can
stop me
from drowning
at the bottom of a bar tab
I wouldn't be there.


A New Light In The Old Dark
by Bruce Mcrae

You hope to be remembered in future times,
a found lock of hair, a scrap of manuscript,
an ancient cenotaph with your name etched upon it,
the untranslatable jargon of a life
set down for all eternity, give or take,
life's half-life half as long as we'd prefer,
billions more under the sod since then and when,
finality quite fatal.

Oh futility, we gasp, followed by a rib-rattling sigh,
one number missing among the many numbers
and a formula that doesn't tally properly.
Inessential in time, we're fundamental to the equation.
More than mere mortals among the matter.
A profound radiance, we transcend ourselves.


by Lily Tierney

The heart saved
you could not let go.

Memories linger,
a wave ripples
into your psyche.

Your eyes are dry
but the rain wets
your emotions.


On Your Returning
by Pushkar Bisht

On your returning,
Time pauses for a moment
Months after months elapsed
I can see a smile on your face
The ordeal you experienced
I can sense that
You have become courageous now
I am glad for you now
Your time is relaxing ahead
The moments you had in adversity
Demolished all together in a lot
Don't look back
A new journey waits
With beautiful colors to color you
Just observe calmness and tranquility


Reality Chick
by Ivan Jenson
website: IvanJenson.Com

after I
the harsh
known as truth
I was confronted
by an intervention
of nothingness
that would have
so I knew
I had to
fake it
to make it
out of that
internal rut
so I forced
to smile
and the
next thing
I knew
that turned


Clouded Juveniles
by Andrea Laws

secret windows, makers of stone
remind cognizance in
knowing that it is unknown

bars, containing misshaped fortunes,
dissolve lies into thoughts and turn
thoughts into imagination

inquisitive truth, escape conspiracy
console ancient-faced souls lost
among fixed lines

youthful eyes, remain youthful
discover hidden familiarity and
find nothing behind oneself


A New Beginning
by Bo Lanier

Say goodbye to the way things used to be nothing ever
stays the same and time is ever fleeting as our
seasons change... so say goodbye to yesterday and
all those lost hours that somehow have slipped away
nothing never stays the same so lose your blues, lose
your chains... Don't you know this is a new
revelation, a new way of living, a brand new start well
I can feel it in my heart no more looking back now
the past is the past and today is just as good as any
day for A New Beginning... they say it is better
to have loved and lost than to have never have been
loved in your life so I'll just keep falling in love
until I get it right... Eventually the sun will shine
through the rain and everything will be of good luck
and change nothing ever stays the same and I can feel
a brand new start stirring in my heart so today is
just as good as any day for A New Beginning... just
one more second chance for A New Beginning!


I Miss The Old Lantern
by Kelven Ka-shing LIT

I miss the old lantern.
When I was young and innocent,
It was you who brought me downstairs;
Carrying this little old old lantern,
On the day when the moon was full.

I was afraid,
Afraid that the lantern would be burnt,
Afraid the candle would be hot,
Afraid that you would leave.

Your caring hands,
However just comforted me,
In that frightening moment,
You just held me,
Across the festive path downstairs,
Carrying the old old lantern.

It was my happiest time,
When warmness is not longer in scarcity
When family is no longer in dream.

I am still afraid,
The lantern would be burnt,
The candle would be hot,
And you would have left.

You really left.

The day when the moon was full could no longer be the same,
I cried,
But please don't worry,
One day,
Under the full moon;
I will hold your hands again,
To show you what I have done,
To honor what you have dedicated to me.

We will play the lantern together again, one day.

I miss the old old lantern.
I miss you.


by Kelly Wilmer

On the tip of the mount I stand,
Or a cliff, so to speak.
I can feel my soul ascending like burning sage,
As waves engulf the shore beneath me.
Is it human to feel so free,
So disconnected from mankind,
That one cannot even recall a time before the present?
As if a past has never touched me,
And I am marble slate polished and clean.
But one must know,
That the present is only but a glimpse of time,
And not an eternity.
As I turn around to my dismay reality is in my vision,
Smog and the piercing clanking of steel.
I swiftly revert to my previous position.
What a peril I'm in,
I stand on cliff,
At the top of a cliff;
Grinding machinery behind
. And an engulfing shore beneath.


by Linda Imbler

Indian empress
In majestic palace.
Colossal pyramids and valley of kings.
Chinese emperor
Under protection of enormous, imperial army.
Abbeys and churches,
Splendid, kingly.
Czech ossuary,
Decorative bones create glorious ambiance.
Immense Irish mounds,
Green and grand.
Parisian and Italian catacombs,
Lambent flames of candles illuminating.
Monuments to presidents and monarchs
Visited by heads of state.
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Represents otherwise forgotten victims of wars past and present.
City cemeteries,
Vaults and mausoleums dot the landscape.
Family graveyards,
Tombstones detail ancestral history.
Solitary, unmarked graves
On purpose or not.
Mass graves,
One of the spoils of war.

A small, dark grotto,
Once covered with a rolling rock,
Now empty.
Its former resident
Watches over them all
From his vantage point,
Watches over the living
And the still entombed.



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