Nature Haiku Poems - Nature Haiku

Traditional nature haiku poems typically have nature or
seasonal themes.

The sound, color, and scent of nature are felt in these short
but precise poems about nature.

The connection between nature and emotions give haiku poems
a mysterious and metaphysical air:

In these dark waters,
Drawn up from my frozen well...
A glittering of spring

- Ringai

Does a nature haiku merely speak of the wind, the stars, the season;
or does it also speak of life, death, and the passing of time?

Below are Nature Haiku which focus on the powerful sights and sounds of nature and the seasons.

After that are examples of Nature Haiku Poems that are more powerful,
with deeper insight into the lives and fears of the poets who wrote them.


Nature Haiku - Nature Haiku Poems

Haiku with sharp, natural images that linger in the mind.

A giant firefly:
That way, this way, that way, this -
and it passes by.



Following the train,
The long black smoke is crawling
Over the withered plain.



In pale moonlight
the wisteria's scent
comes from far away.

Yosa Buson


Snow whispering down
All day long earth has vanished
Leaving only sky.



In all this cool
is the moon also sleeping?
There, in the pool?



Nature Haiku - Deeper Meaning

These nature haiku not only contain the sharp, brillant images of nature, but also have a more poignant feel and often hint at deeper meanings.

Death, loneliness, the fleetingness of time and the seasons, as well as renewed hope and awakenings are all brought to mind.

The winds that blow-
ask them, which leaf on the tree
will be next to go.



How I long to see
among dawn flowers,
the face of God.

Matsu Basho


Don't weep, insects -
Lovers, stars themselves,
Must part.



Icicles and water
Old differences dissolved...
Drip down together



Dew evaporates
And all our world is dew . . . so dear,
So fresh, so fleeting

Issa(on the death of his child)


Nature Haiku Poems


haiku poems, nature


I kill an ant
and realize my three children
have been watching.

Kato Shuson


Starting to call you
Come watch these butterflies . . .
Oh! I'm all alone



A harsh-rasping saw...
music of cold-poverty
in the winter midnight

Yosa Buson


Dead my old fine hopes
And dry my dreaming but still...
Iris, blue each spring



A gold bug -
I hurl into the darkness
and feel the depth of night



Fallen sick on a journey,
In dreams I run wildly
Over a withered moor.

Matsu Basho


Covered with the flowers,
Instantly I'd like to die
In this dream of ours!



Buddha Law,
in leaf dew





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