Staying Motivated In Life - How To Keep Your Dreams Alive

One of the hardest things about realizing a goal or dream in life is sticking with it long enough to actually achieve it.

In the beginning you are excited. You have something you want to achieve and you can feel the energy and determination flowing through you.

This is one of life's most pleasurable feelings. Anticipation combined with determination. The horizon is wide and clear and blue, and you are ready to fly.




It is the starting point of all great endeavors, this feeling of excitement and anticipation. But like all euphorias, it tapers off over time. And the questions start to arise:

How do you stay motivated? How do you keep your dreams alive?

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How To Stay Motivated - Ride The Dream

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     Keep Your Motivation - be proud!

Accepting the fact that you will have many ups and downs as you pursue your dreams will help you stay on course when times are tough. Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight, write a book, climb a mountain, or any number of long-term goals has encountered this enthusiam roller coaster.

Don't let your mind trick you into giving up when the newness of an idea wears off. Realize that you, like many people, may be thinking of change in an all or nothing mode. Either you want to be completely enthralled by your new goal or dream, or you don't want to do it at all.

It takes some work, but you can train your mind to appreciate small accomplishments and to be satisfied with slower but steadier progress.

One way of doing this is to keep track of your progress by writing it down. Our brains like to reward us for a job well done and this will give your brain a little feel good boost.

Keeping a notebook or journal isn't silly, it's smart. Writing is good for increasing brain cell connections and people who express themselves through writing tend to be happier.

Write as much as you want in your book but here are some quick ideas:

Just as writing down your goals and dreams helps you stay focused on them, writing down your accomplishments gives you a sense of pride and a feeling that what you are trying to do is indeed worthwhile.

Staying Motivated - Keeping Your Dreams Alive

Another way of riding out the enthusiasm roller coaster and keeping your dreams alive is to look for multiple sources of motivation.

I like reading inspirational quotes and decorate my house and office with them.

You can also leave your favorite motivational books sitting out in plain sight as quick positive reminders.

Sometimes I will read a short passage before starting to work. And sometimes simply looking at a book's title such as: "Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway" is enough to get me started when my motivation is lagging.

There is nothing like surrounding yourself with positivity to help you stay motivated. It's like opening up the front door and letting in the sunshine and the air when you are feeling down. You start to feel better almost immediately, and all you've done is change your view a little.

New. New. New. That is the incessant chant of our brains.

how to stay motivated in life
         Stay Motivated - keep trying.

They are hardwired to look for novelty.

The new excites us and the old bores us, and we get "burned-out" before we complete many of our goals.

Sometimes you can trick your mind into making the old seem new again.

One way to do this?

Take planned, temporary breaks.

This can be invigorating and allow you to look at your project through new eyes.

Enough time must pass to make the project seem fresh once you start it again, but not enough that you lose all interest and quit.

Plan out your break like it is a project on hold at your regular job.

You can even include a "return to work date" and mark it on your calander.


Staying Motivated - Different Ways To Pursue Your Dreams

The best way I have found to keep my motivation up is to have more than one goal or dream to pursue at a time.

When I need a break from writing web articles, I take time off and immerse myself in poetry - reading it, writing it, sharing it with others. It clears my mind, and when I am refreshed, then it's back to my main pursuit.

Looking for different ways to pursue your dreams will also help you stay motivated and make the old seem new again.

If you are training for a mini-marathon and always run by yourself, try join a running group. Likewise, if your goal is to lose weight, taking a healthy cooking class can help eleviate the boredom of planning and adhering to a diet. A new meal to plan each week and new friends to look forward to seeing can go a long way.

From time to time, however, your enthusiasm will wane so much that you will simply have to bear down and rely on your grit and determination to carry you through.

stay motivated article, quotes
                    Stay Motivated - stay strong.

Do not underestimate yourself. You are stronger than you think you are. Obstacles can be overcome, boredom will come and go, but your dreams remain, waiting for you to pursue them.

You began following your dream because it's something that makes you happy, that lights you up inside.

In your heart, your soul, or wherever it is that you call the source of your internal strength, you know the truth - you know whether or not this dream you have is right for you. If your dream is right, then don't let it go.

Every passion can be set afire again if you strike the right spark. Many times as you make important strides, your old enthusiasm will return, reigniting the fire inside you, giving you that extra boost of encouragement and reminding you why your started pursing your dream in the first place.

Don't Give Up

   You just can't beat the person who never gives up.

   - Babe Ruth



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