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Micropoetry - Micropoems

What is micropoetry? They are short poems in any style -
haiku, free verse, tanka, and the like.

Here you will find micropoems written by visitors to our site.


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Thank you to all who have shared your poems in the past but we are no longer accepting new poems.

Micropoetry - Micropoems

Please enjoy these poems!

More of a Poet
by Angelica Fuse

I have tried prose
even song
strummed my guitar
but keep returning
to the power
of simple verses.


Foot Prints
by Douglas Polk

civilizations lost beneath my feet,
the ground walked a thousand years,
and yet not a trace,
not even a foot print,
before there even was such a word,
while the happening crowd,
now trying to do the same,
without leaving a trace.


by Minesh Khashu

I wish to fly
I know I may fall
It ain't a reason why
I should instead crawl



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More Micropoetry - Micropoems

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Let Me Talk
by J. Bishop

I think I could go 12 years without talking
Would you notice?... it won't be long until we see
As it has been over 12 years
Since you stopped talking about you
And asked about me.


by Jay Frankston wlp@mcn.org

Between the pages
of the book of life
there are bookmarks
to remind you of moments
that stuck out of the routine
and broke the mold.

Bookmarks that yellowed with time
like photographs in an album
unopened for many years,
photographs that marked
the precious years
alive and inspired yet long forgotten.

Bookmarks that breach the sound
of the words on the page.
that hold colorful dreams
where life unfolds page after page
until the end.


by Doug Draime

Five thousand years
of solid darkness,
can not hold its own
to one
shifting slither
               of light.


Transcend Summer
by Annette Cashatt

White foam hiding my feet
Sand crushed between my toes
Further in I go, the waves want to take me, but he won't let go
It's getting cool now, real cool
Sun's reflection retreating off the water
The night sky is bright
Orion's Belt
We can just see it under the casino lights
Lobster and moonlight
At least I have this memory



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