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Poetry is the art of emotion.

Some of the picture poems on this page are deep
and poignant. They ask questions about life, love, death,
and the pursuit of dreams.

I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in
darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.

- Hafiz
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inspirational poems with pictures, poems with images


I find them all thought provoking and inspiring.

Please enjoy the inspirational poems in pictures and images below.


I Know Not Why - Inspirational Picture Poems

This poem expresses the mysteriousness of emotion. Why do I sing?
Why do I cry?...


inspirational picture poems
         Inspirational pictures - beautiful poetry.



What If You Slept - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

More on the mysteries of life and dreams. There is something mystical
in the universe.


picture poems about life, poems with pictures



Only as high as I reach can I grow....

We have many great motivational poems to inspire:


   poems with pictures
                              Poems with pictures



Inspirational Poems With Pictures - Picture Poems and Images

Stay cool! - Langston Hughes


picture poems
      Picture poetry - Langston Hughes






A Poem By Buddha

The world is a fleeting dream - live in the moment.


poems in pictures, poems with images



Picture Poems - Picture Poetry - Poems In Images

I Choose The Mountain - Howard Simon

Keep climbing!


poems with pictures, images
                               Poems with pictures



Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep - Mary Elizabeth Frye

A wonderful, thoughtful poem. But is this a poem about death,
or is it really about life?


inspirational picture poems and images
 Picture poems - life is a never ending circle.



I Shall Never Pass This Way Again - Poems With Pictures

Seize the day...


picture poems, poems with pictures
                Poems in pictures



It Takes Strength - Author Unknown

A beautiful picture poem about strength and courage.


poems in pictures, poems with images
                                Poems in pictures



Before you.... An inspirational picture poem.

Short inspirational poems reflect on life, love, and truth.


inspirational picture poems
                          Inspirational picture poems



Picture Poems - Poems With Pictures and Images

An encouraging poem. We can make a difference!

Lend A Hand - Edward Hale


poems with images, poems with pictures
                 Poems with images







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