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Writing haiku poetry has become very popular lately.

There is something about the challenge of writing a short yet engaging poem that is mentally rewarding and fun.

Deep autumn —
my neighbor,
how does he live, I wonder

- Basho
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This haiku is only three lines yet it creates a full scene in the mind and you began to imagine elements that are not even in the poem. 

Is the poet standing outside at dusk, with the shadows of autumn leaves about him, looking over to his neighbor's house and wondering about a man who he has perhaps never met?

Who knows? But that is where my imagination has taken me.

This page is dedicated to poets who have tried to create such an imaginative scene within the confines of three lines.

(Haiku poems do not have to follow a 575 pattern.
Read more about Haiku Poems and see more famus haiku.)

The first section of the haiku poems on this page were written by visitors to this website who have a love for haiku poetry.  The second section are more traditional haiku written by famous haiku poets.


Haiku Poetry - Haiku Poets


by Ana Drobot

not a fairytale -
sunlight turns
yellow leaves into gold


by Nancy May

conductor's baton
a bumble bee
busy at work


This next poem provides a dire warning in three succinct lines.

by May Fenn

Do not trust your eyes
There is danger in disguise
Beauty has two faces


Haiku Poetry - HaikuPoets


haiku poetry, haiku poets
          Haiku poetry                               Haiku poets


Now for some traditional haiku poetry.

by Issa

Don't weep, insects –
Lovers, stars themselves,
Must part.


by Soseki

The lamp once out
Cool stars enter
The window frame.


by Yosa Buson

They end their flight
one by one–
crows at dusk


by Ryusui

In all this cool
is the moon also sleeping?
There, in the pool?


And lastly, a traditional haiku with a humorous twist!

by Kojo

Night, and the moon!
My neighbor, playing on his flute -
out of tune!


Haiku Poetry - Quote

Go beyond the restrictions of your era, forget about purpose or meaning, separate yourself from historical limitations—there you will find the essence of true art.

   - Santoka Taneda





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