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Here are some fun easy crafts projects that not only make cool looking decorations but are also a great way to surround yourself with positive and inspirational reminders.

Surround yourself with positive, hopeful messages and you will have a happier, more upbeat outlook on life.

All the inspirational crafts below use motivational quotations or sayings in one way or another. There are several inspirational pages on this website.

Inspirational Quotes

and Famous Inspirational Poems are two of my favorites.


Find some quotes or poems that have meaning for you and start making projects of your own.

Inspirational Crafts - Motivational Calendar

This inspirational craft was made by using a free calendar making template. You can find all sorts of free calendar makers on the internet. I simply cut and pasted a photo and inserted it into the top section of the calendar. Then added a text box with one of my favorite positive affirmations - Fate Assists Those Who Persist.

The photo of the mysterious looking orb was purely accidental. I was taking a picture of a red plastic ball for another craft idea and the glare from my living room light produced this cool image. Hang on to all your interesting creative "accidents." You never know when you may want them.


inspirational crafts, DIY, calendar
Inspirational crafts - a motivational calendar

I love looking at this calendar. You can keep the same design for each month or you can switch photos and quotes when you feel like something new.

Fun Easy Crafts - Creative Picture Frame

Most anything can be made to look stylish when you place it in a picture frame. Simple crafts like these are inexpensive and make excellent, personalized gifts. Find a picture that is meaningful to someone you love and add a heartfelt quote to it. They will love it.

The photo I used was taken from a hotel balcony in New York. Notice the Time Square billboard is my website name. A sign like this can be made on your computer using a simple text box and placed on top of anything in the photo. I did not like the billboard that was in the original photo, so I made my own!

fun easy crafts, picture frame
Fun easy crafts - a creative picture frame

This inspirational quote is from Napoleon Hill -
"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way."

Fun Easy Crafts - DIY Puzzle Project

There are many jigsaw making websites that will turn your photos into puzzles. I did this one myself with a free puzzle making template. Puzzles look cute in photo frames or as wall art. And of course are fun just as puzzles.

Add a good quote and make a gift for the puzzle-lover in your life.

fun easy crafts, projects
       Fun easy crafts - jigsaw puzzle with inspirational quote.

"A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work." - John Lubbock

Inspirational Magnet - Inspirational Craft Ideas

"If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never have a negative thought." - Peace Pilgrim

I have this quote on a magnet on my refrigerator for friends and family to see. It's a good reminder of how powerful our thoughts are and how much influence they have - you are what you think you are.

inspirational crafts, fun, easy
Inspirational crafts - magnet with famous quote.

You can create your own magnets on your home printer with magnet paper from any office supply store or Wal-mart.

Open your art program and create a rectangle shape the size of the magnet you want. Add a text box with your favorite inspirational saying. Then print it out on magnet paper.

If you have any magnets at home already, you can print your design out on sticker paper instead. Then stick your new design over the original magnet. I do this anytime I get one of those free magnets that businesses like to give out as advertisement.

Inspirational Crafts - Snow Globe Art

Snow globes are cute and can stay on your desk or kitchen counter all year long. Unscrew the base and you can replace the store bought artwork with your own. I used a Christmas theme this time, but it's easy to change photos or quotes to create new themes throughout the year.

Borders such as these peppermint candies can be found in whatever graphics or photo program you use. Or can be found on free graphics websites such as pixabay.

inspirational craft ideas, snowglobe
Inspirational crafts - snowglobe

The inspirational quote for this craft is: "Christmas isn't a season, it's a feeling." - Edna Ferber.

Fun Easy Craft - DIY Coffee Cups

Creating your own cup or mug is very popular lately. You may see family photos or pictures from a memorable vacation adorning your fellow co-workers cups. A favorite motivaional quote or saying can also make a nice decorative cup and might get you into some interesting conversations with like-minded people.

easy crafts, DIY, coffee cup
Easy crafts - DIY coffee cup.

"Just can't live that negative way. Make way for the positive day!" - Bob Marley. - motivational saying.

Doing fun easy craft projects are a great way to decorate your home, your office, or anywhere you spend a great deal of time and having these inspirational reminders around will also add a little cheer to your life.


A New Attitude

In one minute you can change your attitude and in that minute you can change your entire day.

   - Spencer Johnson



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