Famous Christian Poems - Famous Christian Poetry

The famous Christian poems presented here are beautiful,
spiritual, and inspirational.

They cover themes of doubt and belief, strength and wonder,
peace and thankfulness.

Boundless is Thy love for me,
Boundless then my trust shall be.

- Robert Bridges
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I Never Saw A Moor - Emily Dickinson - Famous Christian Poems

In this famous poem, you don't have to see something to know it exists.

I never saw a moor,
I never saw the sea;
Yet know I how the heather looks,
And what a wave must be.

I never spoke with God,
Nor visited in heaven;
Yet certain am I of the spot
As if the chart were given.


All Things Bright and Beautiful
by Cecil Frances Alexander

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.

Each little flower that opens,
Each little bird that sings,
He made their glowing colors,
He made their tiny wings.

The purple headed mountain,
The river running by,
The sunset and the morning,
That brightens up the sky;

The cold wind in the winter,
The pleasant summer sun,
The ripe fruits in the garden,
He made them every one.

The tall trees in the greenwood,
The meadows where we play,
The rushes by the water,
We gather every day—

He gave us eyes to see them,
And lips that we might tell,
How great is God Almighty,
Who has made all things well.


The Sermons We See - Edgar Guest - Famous Christian Poems

The poet in this Christian poem asks not to be lectured to but to be shown the way.

I'd rather see a sermon
than hear one any day,
I'd rather one would walk with me
than merely tell the way;

The eye's a better pupil
and more willing than the ear,
Fine counsel is confusing,
but example's always clear;

The best of all the preachers
are the men who live their creeds,
For to see good put in action
is what everybody needs.

I soon can learn to do it,
if you'll let me see it done,
I can watch your hands in action,
your tongue too fast may run;

The lectures you deliver
may be very wise and true,
But I'd rather get my lessons
by observing what you do;

I may not understand
the high advice you give,
But there's no misunderstanding
how you act and how you live.




A beautiful spiritual poem or prayer by one of the
greatest musicians of all time:

Give Me Strength
by Ludwig van Beethoven

Oh God give me strength to be victorious over myself,
for nothing may chain me to this life.
O guide my spirit, O raise me from these dark depths,
that my soul, transported through thy wisdom,
may fearlessly struggle upward in fiery flight.
For thou alone understandest and canst inspire me.


Famous Christian Poems - Famous Christian Poetry

famous christian poems


God Moves In A Mysterious Way
by William Cowper

God moves in a mysterious way,
His wonders to perform;
He plants his footsteps in the sea,
And rides upon the storm.

His purpose will ripen fast,
Unfolding every hour;
The bud may have a bitter taste,
But sweet will be the flower.


Peace Within
by St. Teresa of Avila

May today there be peace within.
May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.
May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.
May you use those gifts that you have received and pass
on the love that has been given to you....
May you be content knowing you are a child of God.
Let this presence settle into your bones and allow
your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love.


William Blake - Famous Christian Poems - Famous Christian Poetry

Excerpts from "Auguries of Innocence."The first stanza of this poem is beyond compare.

To see a World in a grain of sand,
And a Heaven in a wild flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand,
And Eternity in an hour.

The questioner who sits so sly
Shall never know how to reply;
He who replies to words of doubt
Doth put the light of knowledge out.

He who doubts from what he sees
Will never believe, do what you please.
If the Sun and Moon should doubt,
They'd immediately go out.

Joy and Woe are woven fine
A clothing for the soul Divine;
Under every grief and pine
Runs a Joy with silken twine.

Every night and every morn
Some to misery are born,
Every morn and every night
Some are born to sweet delight.

God appears, and God is Light,
To those poor souls who dwell in Night;
But does a human form display
To those who dwell in realms of Day.


Lost and Found
by George MacDonald

I missed him when the sun began to bend;
I found him not when I had lost his rim;
With many tears I went in search of him,
Climbing high mountains which did still ascend,
And gave me echoes when I called my friend;

Through cities vast and charnel houses grim,
And high cathedrals where the light was dim,
Through books and arts and works without an end,
But found him not—the friend whom I had lost.

And yet I found him—as I found the lark,
A sound in fields I heard but could not mark;
I found him nearest when I missed him most;
I found him in my heart, a life in frost,
A light I knew not till my soul was dark.


The Windhover - Gerard Manley Hopkins - Famous Christian Poems

One of the most famous Christian poems ever written, this poem may be difficult to read at first. But once you slow down and enjoy the poem, you realize it's great beauty and spirit.

To Christ Our Lord

I caught this morning morning's minion, king-
dom of daylight's dauphin, dapple-dawn-drawn Falcon, in his riding
Of the rolling level underneath him steady air, and striding
High there, how he rung upon the rein of a wimpling wing
In his ecstasy! then off, off forth on swing,
As a skate's heel sweeps smooth on a bow-bend: the hurl and gliding
Rebuffed the big wind. My heart in hiding
Stirred for a bird, - the achieve of, the mastery of the thing!

Brute beauty and valour and act, oh, air, pride, plume, here
Buckle! AND the fire that breaks from thee then, a billion
Times told lovelier, more dangerous, O my chevalier!

No wonder of it: sheer plod makes plough down sillion
Shine, and blue-bleak embers, ah my dear,
Fall, gall themselves, and gash gold-vermilion.




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