Exercise Motivation Tips - Staying Motivated To Exercise

Three things you might hear yourself saying:

But remember when we were kids running around the yard, bicycling through the neighborhood, or jumping rope, we called it play and we could do it all day long?

Now that we're adults we call it "working-out" - and we find any and every excuse to avoid it.

Losing your exercise motivation happens to a lot of adults.

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                          Exercise motivation

When you think of exercise now, you probably think of putting in long, boring hours at the gym, repeating the same motions on dull stationary machines. Ugh.

What kept you running around all day, everyday, as a kid was that it was FUN.

And that it was social. That's a Big And. You played with your friends, and you did activities that you enjoyed. You didn't have to force yourself to go outside and play: You flew out the front door.

Finding your motivation to exercise, then, is much more about changing your view of exercise than it is about exerting extraordinary amounts of will power to do something that you just don't want to do.



Stop beating yourself up for not being strong enough to endure the mind-numbing routines of the gym and find an activity that you really enjoy and people who will enjoy it with you.

Think of exercise as playing with your grown-up friends.

How To Get Motivated To Exercise Again

Walking. You knew I was going to say this. By now, we all know the benefits of walking (it helps you lose weight, builds muscles, lowers blood sugar and blood pressure, relieves stress), yet we can't seem to make the time for it.

Walking doesn't have to be another boring exercise to avoid. Take a look around you. This world is full of beautiful places to take a walk in.

Most cities have walking paths through local parks or around rivers. Most states have gorgeous parks within reasonable driving distance. Saturdays picnicking and walking the trails at a state park is a great way to spend the weekend.

One way to motivate yourself to start a walking program is to ask a neighbor, friend or co-worker to go with you. When you tell other people what your goals are, you are more likely to start doing them instead of putting them off.

Walking (or doing any exercise) with other people will put you in a good mood. Socializing with others, as well as the exercise itself, releases endorphins in your brain, and you'll start associating that positive feeling with your exercise. Walking and having fun with a friend is a double endorphin bonus!

It's no surprise that happy people surround themselves with other happy people. If you want to get excited about exercising again, find someone to share your enthusiam with you.

You may think that other people are too busy or uninterested to join you, but most likely they're just waiting for someone like you to come along and ask. So ask them.

Someone out there will want to take an exercise class with you (there are so many different exercise classes out there now, it's incredible), go for a walk with you, ride bikes, play golf, ect...

Many people only need a little spark to get their enthusiasm going again. Why not be the spark for someone else as well as yourself?

Exercise Motivation Tips - Staying Motivated To Exercise

Pick a fun exercise and get going. Even if it's a relaxed sport like softball, you'll be up and out of the house, not sitting on the couch.

And that first step may be all you need to revive your motivation. So get yourself out the front door. Now.

Over time, as you get more motivated or become more active, you can add more activities for variety and increase your exercise intensity. Tennis, ping-pong, or moving up to an advanced exercise class can really get you moving.

exercise motivation, how to stay motivated
Exercise Motivation - stay motivated.

Building up stamina will take time, and keeping up your enthusiasm will take effort. I know it's easier to get started a new goal than it is to stick with it. But if you make it fun, make it social, and try to find a good mix of activities you enjoy, you'll have a better chance of succeeding and making exercise a regular part of your life.

Find The Time To Exercise:

Everyone lives a busy life, but sometimes you have to step back and set your priorities straight. Your health should be at the top of your priorities.

If you are going to make a commitment to anything in life, it should be to improving your health.

Think about this: How are you going to expand your life and live your dreams if you don't have the energy and the drive it takes to succeed?

All the effort you're putting in to being happier and reaching your highest potential will be for nothing if you don't have the good health in which to enjoy it.

Now it's time to put exercising and getting healthy at the top of your list.

One way to make it easier to find the time to exercise is to combine your daily plans with your exercise plans:

It's just a matter of thinking about the things you once liked doing and start doing them again. After all, finding time and staying motivated to exercise is mostly about changing your frame of mind.

The more you think of exercise as a chance to have fun and be with people you like, the more likely you'll be up and out the door again, ready to get moving.

*Always remember to consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program or physical activity.


Motivational Thought

   If we did the things we are capable of we would astound ourselves.

   - Thomas Edison

Keep the exercise motivation going:





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