Achieving Goals and Dreams

Everyone has goals in life. It's hard to find anyone that doesn't seek, that doesn't dream, if only a little bit.

But how do you go from dreaming to achieving your dreams?...

How do you start reaching the goals that you have set?

I dream,
therefore I exist.

- Strindberg

Many find their dreams all too overwhelming. They dream big, but they don't know where or how to start, and eventually they give up.

Or they delay and delay, hoping some secret instruction will one day magically manifest itself.

But this doesn't have to be. There are things that you can do to start realizing your goals and dreams. I hope you use the tips and ideas below to start realizing your dreams today.

Know What You Want To Achieve In Life

how to make your dreams come true
                  Make your dreams come true

The first step to actualizing any goal or dream is figuring out exactly what it is you want to achieve. How can you possible reach for something if you don't know what it is your are reaching for?

Many times we think we know what we want out of life, but when it comes down to it we really don't. Our ideas are vague or only half formed. We want to be successful or wealthy or have our own business, but when it comes to specifically describing our dreams, we are lost.

Knowing what you want takes serious thought and self-reflection— and bringing this knowledge to the surface will take time. Try to get to the heart of what you really want out of life.

Often one goal or dream leads to another or has another hidden behind it.




One goal may be to lose weight but another goal behind that goal may be to improve self-esteem, deal with some past trauma, or 'reinvent' yourself.

Your original goals are certainly important to you, but to get to where you ultimately want to be in life, you have to look behind the surface and discover what secretly burns inside you.

What is at the heart of your heart's desire?

Small Goals - Strong Focus

The fear that arises often when you are beginning a new goal or dream is that you will become too overwhelmed. Every goal can seem like a great undertaking when you look at it in its totality.

How many times have you or someone you know enthusiastically started a new goal only to give up when it all becomes too daunting?

Everyone is so busy, busy, busy... still nothing they truly desire gets done. They don't lose weight or run a marathon. They don't learn to play the piano or the guitar. So many people I know are musicians of the mind. They never get an instrument in their hands, never find a teacher or a book.

They're busy doing five insignificant things at one time that there's no time, no energy left for what matters. Life is a series of choices. You have to make a decision as to how important a goal is for you. If it is important enough, then you will make the time and the effort. 

You will rearrange your schedule. You will give up watching evening television. You will get off the couch, off the computer, or off the phone. If you truly set your mind to a goal, your mind will find a way to make it happen.

Stay small and stay strong.

I start early and I stay late, day after day, year after year, it took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success. - Lionel Messi

Make small goals your aim but keep your focus steady and strong and you will be amazed at how much you can get accomplished.

Large goals will loom large in your mind until you break them down into smaller, daily goals. This is a common idea, but why do people rarely do this? They look at the big picture and it scares them.

It's much easier to break a large goal down into a series of smaller goals, perform one small goal at a time, and move on to the next small goal. By the end of the day or the end of the year, you'll be surprised by how much you've gotten done and how much you can focus on what actually matters to you.

You can do this at work, and you can do this in your personal life. You can make an outline of what you want to achieve for the day, the week, the year - then pick a goal and make it your first endeavor.

Focus on one mini-goal at a time and you get things done. Sit and think about how much you have to do and how long it will take you to do it, and it will never get done.

The best way to get something done is to just start doing it. Write out your goals and your mini-goals and target them one at a time. Ask yourself what you genuinely want in life, then take your first step, however simple it may be.

It will lead to another step, and another closer to your dream. Staying small and staying focused works. It will keep you on track without becoming overwhelmed.

Ask others to help you achieve your goals.

To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.
- Chinese proverb

One last but often overlooked tip to achieving your goals and dreams is to ask other people to help you. Anyone who has ever achieved anything of significance has looked to others for guidance.

People often remember the beginning days of their achievements with fondness and are more than willing to help you on your path as well. Whatever your interests are there will be someone willing to share some knowledge and advice with you. But you have to be willing to ask.

You can find mentors through small business programs, you can join groups for hobbies such as running or bicycling. You can get support and encouragement in weight loss programs or local weight loss groups. And so on.

Ask your librarian about groups in your town. Look on online. Join forums for writers, photographers, small businesses, musicians and singers, sewing and crafting. Whatever it is you have always wanted to try but never have. Now is the time to do it. You've waited long enough.


Motivational Quote:

   Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.

   - Brian Tracy



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