Daily Positive Affirmations - Positive Affirmation Quotes

Daily Positive affirmations give you the motivation to
start changing your life. They put you in a positive frame of
mind and prepare you to meet the day's challenges.

Positive affirmations for success and self-esteem can open
the door to a new way of living.

I am a strong
and determined person.

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Positive self-talk, positive quotes and daily affirmations are just one
part of a series of steps you can take to make your life better.

The more you tell yourself that you are able to do something, the
more likely you are to do it.


Daily Positive Affirmations - Positive Affirmations Quotes:


Short Positive Affirmations

I am proud of who I am.


I am needed.


I am worthy.


positive affirmations quotes, daily affirmations
         Daily Positive Affirmations


I deserve happiness.


When I think I can - I can!


I turn fear and doubt into enthusiasm and belief.




All my hard work is paying off.


I accept the challenges of the world.


Positive Affirmations Quotes - Short Affirmations

Every day in every way I am getting better and better.

- Emile Coue


I have the power to choose my own destiny.

- Og Mandino


I dare to be the best I can be.

- Steve Maraboli


positive affirmations quotes, daily affirmations
           Positive Affirmations Quotes


I am deliberate and afraid of nothing.

- Audre Lorde


I shine my light of happiness into the darkness of negativity.

- Johnathan Lockwood Huie


I say no to doubt and yes to life!

- Wayne Dyer


The best is yet to come.

- Frank Sinatra


Daily Positive Affirmations

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I am beautiful.


I am courageous.


I go for goals with passion and pride.


I am thankful for each day.


short affirmations quotes, short postive affirmations
                        Short positive affirmations


People say good things about me and I believe them.


I know what I want and I won't stop until I get it.


I am ready to live the life I deserve.


I can make my dreams come true.


My positive thoughts create positive results.


daily positive affirmations, positive affirmation
         Daily Positive Affirmations


Positive Affimation Quotes

I see the invisible. I believe the incredible. I attempt the impossible.

   - Robert Schuller



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