Increasing Self-Esteem - Building Self-esteem

Increasing self-esteem may be one of the toughest
challenges we face.

We all walk around with some version of our lives playing
like a movie in our minds. We create the mood and the story
and whatever beliefs or credos that we live by.

We choose the story we tell ourselves every day in the friends
we pick, in our relationships with our family and life partners,
and in the work that we do.

Believe in your dreams and they may come true.
Believe in yourself and they will come true.

- Unknown
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All too often it becomes easy to let negative thoughts intrude
upon this self-vision. If you are down or having a bad day, it
seems easier to keep kicking yourself instead of picking yourself
up and trying again.

When you strive, however, to keep a positive image of yourself,
when you tell yourself the same positive stories; when you imagine
your future full of hope and possibility: You create a positive self-
image that protects you against this negative tide.

Building Self Esteem

increasing self-esteem
           Increasing self-esteem

Make the movie in your mind a hero's tale - one of high self-esteem and positive aspirations. Then you walk through life with a certain fortitude -
a knowledge that despite what obstacles may come, you will not merely endure, you will triumph.



Look around at all that you have achieved; all that your already are.
You know more than your realize. Your are more than you may even admit. And you can do more than you ever thought possible.

Building Self-Esteem - Increase Your Self-Esteem

building self-esteem
           Building Self Esteem

Your positive self-image is the force and the fire behind all that you do now and all that you will one day become. It drives you toward new adventures and keeps you steady in times of uncertainty. It is the seed of everything
you might achieve.

People who walk through life with real self-esteem have an unmistakable aura about them. They know who they are and it shows from the inside out. They are self-aware.

They have taken the time to analyze their talents and abilities. They have educated themselves through school, on their own, or both. And they keep pushing themselves to know more, to live more, and to build a foundation of life experiences from which they can draw strength from.

Improving Self-Esteem - Be Who You Were Meant To Be

Dont forget to love yourself. - Soren Kierkegaard

Find out who you are. Find your ability. Craft your own story. You can lead an 'ordinary' life and still have the heart of a lion. You don't have to climb mountains or jump out of airplanes to step to the beat of a strong and courageous drummer.

I'm not talking about the falseness of arrogance. Arrogance comes from insecurity and fear. I'm talking about the strength of your inner world. The positive sense of self that comes from sureness of mind. The courage to take pride in who you are. To find your talent and hone it - not hide it from the world.

Life ultimately isn't a search for greatness. It's a search for self. For truth. For the right path. When you find that path, then you will know the fire of being alive. Then you will know courage. It will burn inside you.

You may have forgotten who you are, but your true self still exits. It's not too late to recapture this positive vision of yourself and carry it with you always. It will not only open the doors of possiblity - it will push you boldly through them.


Self-Esteem Motto

   Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.

   - Basil King




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