Broken Heart Poem - Poem For A Broken Heart

Who hasn't suffered from a broken heart?

The pain, the anger, the unending sadness -
all the elation of love turned into an empty void.

The saddest part of life is loving someone
who used to love you.

- Unknown
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I wrote the poem below to deal with the emotions of heart break.

That's the great thing about poetry. You can start from one
emotion, and then all these other emotions come pouring out.

Further down the page you can watch the YouTube video I made
of this Broken Heart Poem set to music.


    Broken Heart Poem - Poem For A Broken Heart

Poem For A Broken Heart - D.P. Bishop

Love finds a way...

*To screw with your heart
*To mess up your mind
*To leave you in pieces

I thought you were different
I thought you were divine

I thought we would be together
Until the end of time.

Why do I still love you when
All you do is make me cry?

You said so many things, and I believed them all;
Now I stare at the phone and wait for you to call.

You can break my Heart
But you can't break my Soul

I still want you,
But I have to let you go.

That's what I tell myself -
in the light - when I am strong,

But then you a find a way -
in the night - when I'm alone,

To use your twisted magic on me.

That smile, that charm,
And those arms...those arms!

What am I to do?

Did you even mean any of it -
Was it even true?

You WERE my destiny
My eternity
My everything

I'm so sick of pretending to be fine;
Time is moving in a slow, slow line.

But I'm still here -
I'm still alive.

Why are you surprised?

It's over. I'm done. I'm through.
I still want you,
But I can't go back to you.

You can break my Heart
But you can't break my Soul

I still love you,
But I have to let you go.


    Broken Heart Poem - Poem For A Broken Heart

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