Be Yourself - Being Yourself Life Article

All our lives the world is imprinting itself on us. What to wear, what to like, what to think.

We want to be accepted and fit in, so we too are drawn along the current. And what is wrong with that? I like something and it is massively poplular am I just another one of the sheep?

These are the questions that creep inside your head when you begin to wonder am I being true to myself... and what does it mean to be yourself anyway?

Be who you want to be
not what others want to see. - unknown

Wearing the same clothes as everyone else or liking the same style music doesn't necessarily make you one of the herd. If you want to look like every other student on campus or dress like every mom in the soccer stands, so what.

Accepting yourself doesn't mean you can't like what other like. It's when you get that gnawing feeling inside - the one that tells you your life isn't really Your Life after all - that you should be concerned.

Who you are on the outside is only a small fraction of your total sum, but society places so much importance on it that it becomes almost all we concern ourselves with. Fashions and trends come and go, but when we forget our inner selves, we are truly endangered of being lost.

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Be Yourself - Being Yourself Life Article

Be yourself. Everyone esle is already taken.
- Oscar Wilde

The main point of your life is to discover who you are and then steer yourself toward becoming that person as fully as you can.

Be yourself and you open up a world of freedom and possibilities. Suddenly you realize you really can control who you want to be in this life. You stop comparing yourself to other people or worrying what they think of you.

There is nothing more beautiful
Than seeing a person being themselves
Imagine going through your day being
Unapologetically you.

- Steve Maraboli

It's such a simple mindset, yet there is so much freedom in it that you will often meet resistance.

Other people form ideas of who you are and are reluctant to change them. They may 'intend the best' for you but they are acting from a place of fear. Show them that you have no fear - that you do not doubt who you are or the choices you are making - and you will begin to win them over.

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    Be yourself - accepting yourself

When you are busy following your own path, you don't have time to worry if it's the path everyone thinks you should follow. Be comfortable with who you are and any arguments to the contrary will always ring hollow.

The most important kind of freedom is to be
what you really are.

- Jim Morrison




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